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SSIS DB2 and Stored Procedures

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Data Flow, DB2, OLE DB, SSIS

The Scenario

Extracting data from a DB2 file using SSIS when the data is accessed through a stored procedure.

With DTS packages this could be done by using a ODBC driver to connect to the DB2.

The Problems

With DTS packages there was an option to choose Other Driver. From this I could set up an ODBC connection to a DB2 database and execute a stored procedure – this acted as my data source. This ODBC connection used a system DSN which pointed at eh db2 database on an AS400 server.

SSIS does not give you the option of using other driver. What they have instead are OLE DB drivers or .Net drivers.

The OLE DB drivers will not allow the execution of a stored proc on the DB2 to retrieve data.

The IBM OLE DB DB2 provider and Microsoft OLE DB DB2 provider do not support using an SQL command that calls a stored procedure. When this kind of command is used, the OLE DB source cannot create the column metadata and, as a result, the data flow components that follow the OLE DB source in the data flow have no column data available and the execution of the data flow fails..


The Dot.Net connection, in SSIS 2008, will allow you to execute the procedure in an Execute Script Task. It will not allow execution in a data flow task – although it will allow you to preview the data in data flow.

After setting up a Linked Server to the DB2 I encountered the same problem – although the error message was slightly misleading and I spent a long time investigating permissions.

So the only options now are to carry out a row by row import by using an Execute TSQL Task to populate a record set object and then rolling through this to import the data or asking the DB2 DBA to use the stored procedures to populate file which I can then import from.

My forum question on MSDN relating to the issue:

Connect issue raised with Microsoft:
Please follow the link and vote if the issue effects you and maybe Microsoft will bring out a new driver.


We had someone trying to connect to a table in a database using access and linked tables. They kept getting ODBC – call failed when they tried to access the data. If a table didn’t have a primary key then it worked!
I ran a trace and saw it was calling a select statement against the Primary Key in that table. There were no errors but an attention warning appeared. I then spread the trace to all databases and go this error:
The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object ‘sp_execute’, database ‘mssqlsystemresource’, schema ‘sys’.
I had locked down this server so now had to open it up a little.
I created a role in Master called AccessUsers. I granted the role Execute on ‘sp_execute’.
Now they can connect using access.
I’ll show the lock-down scripts in another entry.