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Table diff will let you compare two tables and generate a change script to sync them up.

By default it is installed here:

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\COM\tablediff.exe”

In this example I am comparing two tables in the same database called Live_Support. The tables are LF29699_Orig and LF29699_New.

I have created a batch file called comapretables.cmd.

The contents of the table looks like this:

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\COM\tablediff.exe” -sourceserver sqlmgmt1 -sourcedatabase Live_Support -sourcetable LF29699_Orig -destinationserver sqlmgmt1 -destinationdatabase colt_Live_Support -destinationtable LF29699_new -f c:\LF29699_diff.sql

Execute this and you get a file c:\LF29699_diff.sql which is a change script for that table:

— Host: sqlmgmt1

— Database: [Live_Support]

— Table: [dbo].[LF29699_new]

SET IDENTITY_INSERT [dbo].[LF29699_new] ON

UPDATE [dbo].[LF29699_new] SET [GroupIndex]=3 WHERE [pkid] = 3

UPDATE [dbo].[LF29699_new] SET [GroupIndex]=2 WHERE [pkid] = 683


You can see from the script that there are 2 differences between the tables. It does not tell you what the values in the table are currently; you do have the primary key value though so you can look it up.

The two tables you compare will need to have primary keys defined on them.

BOL tableDiff.Exe: ‘