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With SQL Server 2005 moving the master database also meant moving the resource database. The resource data and log files had to go to the same directory as the master data file. To complicate matters you had to move the master then start SQL Server in single user mode before running a prepared script to Alter the resource DB. Then stop SQL Server and start it all up again.

From SQL 2008 you don’t have to do that any more. Resource can not be moved. It is deployed with the binaries and stays there. And…well it doesn’t feel right any more. Before SQL Server 2005 moving the system databases was awkward. SQL 2005 made it look easy, but at least it added the Resource bit to make if feel tricky. Now…now you just run an Alter DB script for temp, model, and MSDB, then change the start-up parameters for Master. Stop the SQL Service, move the files (not temp as that will be rebuilt in the new location, you just need to delete the old files) then fire it up again.

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