Date Parameters appear in US Format – SSRS Reports

Posted: September 2, 2010 in BI, Date Formats, SSRS

The Problem

In reporting services a new report is created. The report region/Language is set to English(UK). A date parameter is created.
When the report is run the date parameters are showing up in mm/dd/yyyy format 

The Fix

A parameter will take a label and a value field.
Change your query to have a label formatted in the way you like and the value left raw:
Select Right(‘0′ + Cast(Day(dateRange) as Varchar(2)),2) +’-‘+ Right(‘0’ + Cast(Month(dateRange)as Varchar(2)),2) + ‘-‘+ cast(Year(dateRange) as char(4)) as label, dateRange as value
FROM dbo.vwDateRange
Order by dateRange desc 

Where daterange is a smalldatetime 

Set the report parameters to display label as the label and value as value


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