Replication: Distributor not set up correctly

Posted: August 19, 2010 in DBA, Replication, SQL 2005

Following some 3rd party scripts to set up replication I got this error:

The Distributor has not been installed correctly. Could not enable database for publishing

To fix this I ran these three scripts.

sp_adddistributor ‘NameofDistributorServer’;
sp_adddistributiondb N’NameofDatabaseBeingReplicated’;
sp_adddistpublisher @publisher = ‘NameofDistributorServer’, @distribution_db = N’NameofDatabaseBeingReplicated’;

This then allowed me to run:

use master;
exec sp_replicationdboption N’NameofDatabaseBeingReplicated ‘, N’publish’, N’true’

  1. ArthurZ says:

    Or you just need to add (register) the publishing SQL Server instance on the Distributor (especially if it is a remote one). On the Distributor, right-click on the Replication node and choose Distributor Properties … then Publishers, and click on Add

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