MCITP: Database Administrator.

Posted: November 2, 2009 in 70-431, 70-443, 70-444, Certification, MCITS, MCTS, SQL Server 2005

I passed the 70-444 exam today which is the final exam in the MCITP: Database Administrator trilogy.
This exam was 52 multiple choice questions – old style mcp type exam.
The 70-443 was a set of 6 case studies with 12 questions on each.

I find that after revising for a while I begin to get what they are testing and can normally answer the question based on the answer options – although reading the question helps!

For the 70-443 exam I skimmed through the case studies and then went back to look at the specifics as they related to the individual questions.

I have still got to finish off the 2000 MCDBA. I have the 2 SQL exams just need to do the windows admin exams.


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