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This assumes a user does not have Content Manager as their SSRS role and SSRS is set up more or less as it comes out of the box.

The Problem

If a user hits subscribe on a report then the chooses email as the delivery option they will see that the To field has been pre-populated with their windows login. They will not have the permissions need to change this setting. This is fine if you are running Exchange as it will resolve the login against the Active Directory and work out the real email address.

If you are not running Exchange it is not so fine.

The fix

You need to make a change to the rsreportserver.config file.

This should be under C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.3\Reporting Services\ReportServer by default – if you installed SQL somewhere else then the first part of this path will be wrong.

Open up this file and look for a value <sendemailtouseralias> under <rsemaildpconfiguration>. If this is set to True, as it is by default, you will get the problem above. If it is set to False the To field will be blank and the user can enter an email address.


I ran a query which resulted in this:
An error occurred while executing batch. Error message is: The directory name is invalid.

The reason for this was an invalid temp directory. The system was pointing at c:\temp but the directory did not exist. I re-pointed all the temp and tmp environment variables at the real temp directory and all was well again.

I passed the 70-444 exam today which is the final exam in the MCITP: Database Administrator trilogy.
This exam was 52 multiple choice questions – old style mcp type exam.
The 70-443 was a set of 6 case studies with 12 questions on each.

I find that after revising for a while I begin to get what they are testing and can normally answer the question based on the answer options – although reading the question helps!

For the 70-443 exam I skimmed through the case studies and then went back to look at the specifics as they related to the individual questions.

I have still got to finish off the 2000 MCDBA. I have the 2 SQL exams just need to do the windows admin exams.