Note on the start

Posted: September 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

This blog is mainly for me so I don’t loose the scripts and such that I use and carry on a usb key mainly.
If any script was written by a 3rd party I will try to reference them but some of these I have had for years and never took a note of where I got them.
Most are straight forward anyway and just evolved over time.
Some are straight forward things they I keep forgetting like how to reattach a database – I just find that when I am doing this I like to have a copy of the script in front of me.
If you find it helpful then good – if not well boo hoo:-)

I am a DBA looking after Production and Development Servers.
I was a developer years ago. Was a Developer/DBA for 2 years and then, since 2006 just a DBA.


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